Boeing Employee Bought Winning Powerball Ticket After Seeing a Sign That Inspired Her to Buy 1 More Ticket

large check written for Becky Bell for $754,550,826
Facebook/Becky Bell

The Powerball jackpot reached an estimated $747 million. When Boeing received a shipment of a 747 jumbo jet, the company’s supply chain analyst Becky Bell saw it as a sign.

A Washington Boeing employee won the $747 million jackpot after buying a ticket based on a work-related sign.

Becky Bell has worked for the aircraft company as a supply chain analyst for close to 36 years, according to a press release by Powerball. Just days before buying her ticket, the company had received a shipment of a 747 jumbo jet, Powerball said.

As Bell stood in her local supermarket, she saw that the Powerball jackpot was up to $747 million, the lottery said. She saw the number as a sign, according to the statement.

“That’s when it hit me…I had to buy one more ticket,” Bell told the lottery.

That one ticket ended up winning her $754,550,826 in the Feb. 6 drawing.

“After my meeting, I scanned my first ticket and it wasn’t a winner. Then I scanned the second ticket and it said ‘Winning ticket. Claim at Lottery Office.’ So, I knew I had won at least $600, which was pretty exciting,” said Bell, the statement said. 

Bell couldn’t believe it, having never won more than $20 despite her regularly spending $20 per week on lottery games. She had family members all look over the numbers before she believed it.

“The funny thing was my mom misheard me when I told her how much I won,” said Bell. “She said ‘Seven million…that’s great, honey. Everyone can have a million.’ Then I had to say, ‘No, mom, seven HUNDRED million dollars. Pretty soon, everyone was crying.”

Posts on Bell’s Facebook show she has been generous to those around her, with many thanking her for helping pay off debts and donating to help them financially. 

“I will be sure to keep on sharing the love through giving and being happy while I give and share this money that the Universe has sent me and which I have attracted through being grateful every single day for more than enough of everything that I have and ever wanted,” said Bell. 

In the spirit of giving, Fred Meyer, a supermarket where the ticket was sold, announced that the bonus of $50,000 they would receive for selling the ticket would be donated to the Auburn Food Bank, said the Powerball statement. 

With the donation, the food bank would be able to provide 66,000 meals to the community, said the statement.

According to the statement, the store's corporate owner, Kroger, also announced that they would be giving $10,000 to the store so the employees could celebrate the win. 

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