Boy, 10, Wins Science Fair With 'Is Tom Brady a Cheater?' Project

Ten-year-old wins science fair with project declaring Tom Brady is a cheater.
Ace Davis is not a Patriots fan. Facebook

Ten-year-old Ace Davis really, really doesn't like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Ten-year-old Ace Davis really, really doesn't like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

So great is his dislike, the Kentucky child used it to fuel his entry to a local science fair. He won.

"Is Tom Brady A Cheater?" featured no electrical wires or lava-spewing volcanoes. Rather it was Davis' attempt to prove through science that the star player used deflated footballs to bolster his performances. 

"DeflateGate" was a 2015 National Football League brouhaha over allegations that Brady had footballs deflated in a playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts. The rational behind the accusation was that deflated footballs are easier to hold onto and travel farther when thrown.

The controversy resulted in Brady getting a four-game suspension and the team being fined $1 million. The famous quarterback denied the allegations.

"I hate Tom Brady," Davis told NFL Diamonds this week. "He's been accused of cheating before. I want him to be caught."

The kid became internet famous after his dad posted photos of his son's science project on Facebook and the entry went viral. "He's not a big fan of school," his dad, Christopher, told CBS News. "It was just an attempt to get him interested and excited."

Ace used his mom and sister to throw footballs of various inflations. He measured the distance of each throw, and calculated the average. His math determined that the most deflated football traveled the farthest. Therefore, Ace posited, Brady had a competitive average. 

And therefore, to Ace's calculations, Brady is a cheater. 

Ace put up graphs, figures and a photo Brady shedding tears to prove his point. 

His science fair victory comes as Super Bowl LIII pits the Patriots against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.

Ace, who also plays quarterback, predicts the Rams will win 30-14, and that Brady will throw three interceptions. 

Asked what he would say to Brady if he ever met him, Ace replied, "Gimme some of your money, you don't deserve it."

Meanwhile, he's preparing to take his project to the state science competition. "I'm gonna win that two," he told the sports site.