Idaho Football Team Hailed as Heroes for Lifting SUV Off Woman to Save Her Life

The team, called the Black Knights, worked together to lift the vehicle that had flipped over in front of them while they were on their way home from a tournament.

A group of teen football players from Idaho used teamwork to rescue a couple after a horrifying accident.

The football team, known as The Black Knights, was heading home to Boise from a tournament in California when they saw an SUV flip over right in front of them near the Oregon border Wednesday. 

When their coach, Rudy Jackson, pulled over, the boys jumped out and got to work, lifting the SUV off a man and woman trapped in the wreck.

They pulled out the gentlemen who urged the team to go save his wife, who was wedged under the car and halfway out the window.  

"I saw her legs trapped on the windshield," team member Garret Peterson recalled to Inside Edition. "I saw her cramped up. I saw blood on her arms. She just looked really uncomfortable."

They had to get the SUV off her, so they worked together to lift the vehicle and a coach gently helped the woman out.

“'Don’t drop it' was on everybody’s mind," Peterson said.

The elderly couple, Allen and Maggie Hartman, told Inside Edition the team was “absolutely wonderful and so polite."

The Hartmans are recovering from broken ribs and cuts and bruises but are extremely grateful to the teens who came to their rescue, calling them “amazing."