Boy, 5, Gets Wish to Be Target Employee for His Birthday

Cooper has always loved going to Target.

A 5-year-old had his birthday celebration at his favorite place — Target.

Cooper has always loved going to Target with his mom, Hannah Rickman, and so when she asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said he “wanted to work at Target.”

“My mind started racing. Typically it's a simple dinosaur birthday, but this one stumped us. How do we make his birthday dreams come true?” Rickman told

She reached out to to her local Target in Rossford, Ohio, and they said they’d work it out.

“Cooper was completely surprised! We all were surprised this was something that Target would allow,” Rickman said.

And the store went above and beyond. On the day of his Aug. 5 birthday, Cooper got to scan products with a scan gun and push around a stock cart. They even gave him an employee discount on some toys before he clocked out from his shift.

“They decorated a corner of the store with balloons, a 'Happy Birthday Cooper' banner,” Rickman said.

Rickman, who is a photographer, captured images of the special day. 

“Cooper was so happy and excited running around the store having the time of his life,” Rickman said. “When asked how he was feeling, he replied, ‘I feel like a million bucks.’ Seeing the happiness on his face was all we wanted.”