Violent Winds Whip San Diego Zoo Balloon Ride With Kids Inside

The passengers held on tightly as they were whipped back and forth on the ride at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

A heart-stopping moment was caught on camera as a hot-air balloon carrying women and children swayed in all directions in California.  

The frightening moment happened at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park Monday, as strong wind gusts from a sudden storm blew the balloon around.

Terrified onlookers couldn't believe their eyes and miraculously nobody was hurt during the scary ride. The ride was carrying several people, including children, according to reports. 

Video of the incident also shows the balloon getting very close to trees below.

The safari park stated the balloon was never out of control and issued a statement about the balloon, which was tethered to the ground.

“Unfortunately the video gives an odd impression. The balloon goes up and down and as it is pulled back down to the landing pad, it often goes to one side. There is a cable in the center that slowly pulls it into the landing pad. The landing pad has a great deal of cleared space around it and the balloon was never out of this cleared space as it was slowly pulled into dock,” the statement read. 

The park later closed the ride due to the high winds.