Brad Paisley Sends Guitar to Musician Who Lost Everything in Nashville Christmas Day Explosion

Country music star Brad Paisley gifts guitar to fellow Tennessean
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A Tennessee musician who lost everything in the Christmas day bombing in downtown Nashville received a touching surprise when he received a guitar and heartfelt message from fellow musician and Tennessean Brad Paisley.

Buck McCoy was in his apartment located on Second Ave. when a bomb exploded on Christmas. The bomber took his own life in the blast but left a path of destruction behind. McCoy’s apartment was one of the properties destroyed. The musician was able to save himself, but unable to save any of his personal belongings, losing all of his clothes, musical instruments, personal documents and his vehicle, according to People Magazine. He even lost his beloved cat, Molly, who went missing in the explosion and wasn't found for six days, WKRN reported. To help McCoy get back on his feet, friends rallied and set up a GoFundMe page.

When Paisley heard the news, he sent McCoy a message on his Instagram. “Hey it’s Brad Paisley,” Paisley wrote, McCoy told NewsChannel5 Nashville.

McCoy told WKRN that he thought it must have been some type of prank by his friends, but when he learned it was actually the country artist, he was floored. Paisley followed up his Instagram message with a phone call. 

“I know you want to get back to work, I know all your stuff is gone, but I want to send you one of my brand new guitars that I just had a prototype done of and I think if you get this guitar you’re going to want to play again," Paisley said. 

McCoy was soon gifted a yellow guitar that he described as “gorgeous,” People Magazine reported

"Thank you so much Brad, this is a dream come true. I really appreciate you sending me this guitar. I will treasure it forever," McCoy said.

McCoy said Paisley left a note, “Glad you’re still here.” And, told NewsChannel 5 Nashville that Paisley even signed the back of the instrument. “Twang on pal,” he wrote.

"Man, I'm getting chills brother,” said McCoy, People reported. "I thank you so much for this gift, I promise I'll keep it forever. I'm going to write a hit on this sucker right now!”

Overwhelmed by Paisley's generosity, McCoy told WKRN he has already used the guitar for three performances.


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