Brave Baby Is Living Life to the Fullest Despite Extreme Birth Defects

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At just 1-year-old, Bishop Hunt as endured more than most people do in their entire life.

Bishop has VACTERL association, a disorder that affects several body systems. His tibias are too short and his fibulas don't connect to his ankles, making his feet appear inverted. 

His parents got his diagnosis when his mom was still pregnant with him. She thought her little boy would never be able to walk properly.

Bishop was also born without an anus and had to get a colostomy bag until he was big enough for reconstruction surgery.

But despite this difficult start to life, Bishop is just like any other toddler. He loves playing with his twin, Deacon, and their other sibling, 3-year-old Kennedy, at their home in North Carolina.

"I love seeing Bishop attempt and succeed at keeping up with his twin and peers at daycare," mom Shaye told Caters. "It warms my heart and keeps the fight in me alive."

As the family continues that fight to give Bishop a normal life, they must also face the reality of paying for the boy's medical care. They are hoping to raise $100,000 for surgery to reconstruct his legs. 

“Surgery will allow Bishop full use of the legs he was born with. They will straighten then and connect all bones so that he won’t need prosthetics. He will be able to walk, run, jump and play like a typical kid," Shaye said.

The family has started a GoFundMe page here. They have just over $12,000 in donations.


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