Brian Laundrie Could Have Taken Ferry From Florida to Bahamas, Says John Walsh

Brian Laundrie

Four sightings believed to be Laundrie have been reported in Freeport, on Grand Bahama Island, says John Walsh. Authorities continue to focus their search at the Florida reserve close to Laundrie's home.

Is Brian Laundrie hiding out in the Bahamas?

Four sightings believed to be Laundrie have been reported in Freeport, on Grand Bahama Island, says John Walsh, who hosted a Gabby Petito special on Investigation Discovery.  

“The Freeport, Bahamas tips are very interesting and very credible,” Walsh said. “There is a water shuttle that goes from Fort Lauderdale to Freeport every day. He could have got on that. In Freeport he could have got on a boat that would take him further down into the Bahamas or the Turks and Caicos [Islands].”

Petito once visited the Bahamas and stayed at the sprawling Atlantis resort on Paradise Island. It's not known if her fiancé was with her.

Walsh also says there have also been reported Brian Laundrie sightings in Mexico.

“He could walk across the border naked with his hair on fire and nobody would notice him. I think that's maybe where he's hiding and somebody might be helping him,” Walsh said.

Reporting from Mexico, Inside Edition correspondent Lisa Guerrero says that the manhunt for Laundrie is not getting anything like the attention it’s getting in the U.S., so it would be relatively easy for him to blend in or make his way to other nations in Central America.

But the Laundries’ attorney is ripping into John Walsh, telling Inside Edition: “Dusty relics like John Walsh need a tragic situation like this so they can clear the cobwebs off their names and give their publicity-hungry egos some food." 

Meanwhile, internet sleuths fascinated by the case have been circulating photoshopped images showing Laundrie with a full beard and long hair — possibly what he could look like after weeks on the run.

Police continue to focus their search closer to home and are not giving up on the Florida reserve where Laundrie is said to have gone hiking and never returned. Teams with cadaver dogs returned to the swamp Thursday.

Petito's family is in Wyoming and hopes to bring her ashes home this weekend. While there, they are also meeting with authorities to get an update on the investigation.

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