Bride and Groom Marry on Plane After Original Flight to Vegas Is Canceled

Pam and Jeremy Salda knew they were going to miss their Vegas chapel appointment since their original flight had been cancelled due to the weather, and so they decided to marry 37,000 feet in the air.

Pam and Jeremy Salda had planned on getting married in Las Vegas.  

The couple were so excited to say “I do,” that they actually showed up at the airport in Dallas in full wedding attire so they could hop right off the plane and head straight for the wedding chapel. But weather problems canceled their flight.  

“We're approached by a wonderful human being that kind of sees our demeanor and he's like ‘are you guys trying to get to Vegas at a certain time?’ And we're like, ‘yeah, we gottta be there by 9 o’clock,’ and he's like, ‘I don’t think you're gonna make it,”" Jeremy told Inside Edition. 

Fortunately, love and some creative thinking won the day. That man who approached the couple, Chris Kligora, was an ordained minister who ended up being on the Saldas’ rebooked Southwest flight to Vegas.  

And since they knew they were going to miss their chapel appointment, Pam and Jeremy decided to marry 37,000 feet in the air. 

“Walking down the aisle, literally, everybody was smiling, everybody was feeling it,” Pam said.  

A flight attendant served as maid of honor as the couple exchanged vows.  

“I can’t wait to be your copilot through life. I’ll be the check to your cross-check. And any turbulence, I want to weather it with you,” Pam told Jeremy.  

Finally, Kligora pronounced the couple husband and wife, and as they kissed, the entire crowd cheered.  

They even had their first dance on the plane.  

“It just felt like that's how it was supposed to be,” Pam said.

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