Bride Gets Trapped in Elevator on Her Wedding Day

She said she had some champagne while awaiting rescue.

A Massachusetts bride spent her cocktail hour trapped inside an elevator, but she didn’t let it get her down. 

Melissa Rodger, 32, who married her then-fiancé, Justin, at the Providence Biltmore Saturday, was headed to the 18th floor to freshen up before her cocktail hour and reception when things took a turn.

The reception was set to take place on the seventeenth floor.

"I asked Justin to go find my bridesmaids and tell them to meet then me on 18th floor with the wedding coordinator," Rodger told "We got on and heard a loud noise. It shuttered and shook. It said we were on the 18th floor but [the door] never opened."

The bride said she thought it would definitely open after a couple of minutes but that wasn’t the case. After a while, Rodger’s wedding coordinators began calling the hotel for help. Eventually, the fire department was called in.

It took 20 minutes for them to arrive and another 20 to get Rodger out.

In the meantime, Rodger had her own cocktail hour in the elevator. The fire department was eventually able to pry the door open and she was able to talk to her guests.

“I started to wonder, 'How long am I going to be in here?'" Rodger said. “People on the 17th floor were able to pass me glasses of champagne, so that was nice.”

Rodgers was eventually lifted out of the elevator and attended her reception.

“I was super excited and totally relieved,” she said.