Woman Throws Divorce Party and Everyone Dons Their Wedding Dresses

She said she was grateful to have the support of friends.

A Canadian woman decided she wasn’t going to let her divorce bring her down, so she threw a party. 

Nicole Niesner, 36, of Saskatchewan, Canada, had been married for 13 years.

When she received a letter in the mail letting her know her divorce would be finalized on Dec. 16, she began thinking about how she’d spend the day.

“I did a little of ‘Pinteresting’ and ‘Googling’ and I said, 'I should have a divorce party,'” Niesner told InsideEdition.com. “My friend just said, ‘You know what, I am going to take care of it, just be home at 6:30.'"

Niesner said that on the day of the bash, several of her friends, who are all still married, showed up at her house with something unexpected in tow.

“They all had bags and boxes of wedding dresses,” Niesner said. “I dug mine out of the basement and we all got dressed up. It was a blast.”

The mom-of-three said the women did a lot of reminiscing about their marriages and children.

“[We] kept it really positive, drank some wine, ate some food,” Niesner said. “[The wedding dresses] were on most of the time, everybody was really digging that.”

Niesner said it was amazing to have the support on what could have been a tough day.

“Even though I am okay with being divorced, it just lifted me up and reminded me that I am loved and that I have lots of great people in my life,” she said. 

The mom put the wedding dress back in the box, but said she may need it again one day.

“You never know when someone else is going have a divorce party,” Niesner said.