Bride Speaks Out After Being Accused on TikTok of Forcing Bridesmaids to Workout on Her Wedding Day

Kennedy Hart, a fitness teacher, was accused of forcing her bridesmaids to exercise on her wedding day after posting a TikTok.

A bride is setting the record straight about her wedding day.

Fitness instructor Kennedy Hart was accused of making her bridesmaids workout on the day of her wedding.

The accusation stems from a TikTok Hart posted of her working out with a large group of other people. Hart is seen in the video wearing a white workout outfit.

“This is my worst nightmare,” said one comment under the video.

“I’m doing the opposite of this on my wedding morning,” said another.

And so the bride has spoken out.. 

“I had told my workout class, ‘Oh I’m gonna keep my class on my wedding day.’ That’s when I had a few bridesmaids reach out to me and they were like, ‘We’d love to come,’” Hart tells Inside Edition.

And to the people who hated the idea, Hart says: “It’s my wedding day. I wanted to do what I love doing.”

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