Bride Wears 2-Year-Old Daughter Down the Aisle at Wedding

Bride Dalton Mort said her and her now-husband's daughter was there every step of the way in their relationship.

A bride who wanted to make sure her daughter was a part of her wedding carried the toddler during the entire ceremony.

Bride Dalton Mort was photographed walking down the aisle with 2-year-old Ellora strapped to her back and exchanging her vows while nursing her daughter.

“I chose to wear my daughter, because I knew it would keep her calm on a very hectic day,” Mort told “Wearing her also allowed me to incorporate her in the ceremony in a way that was normal for both of us.”

She explained she and her now-husband Jimmy Joe had Ellora when she was 19 years old, and they have celebrated every milestone with their little girl.

“She was with us when we moved out of our parents’ house into our first apartment, and then into our first house,” Mort said. “She has been there for our entire adult relationship. We have never had to make a major decision without having her in mind. She even went on our ‘honeymoon’ with us.”

Even though Ellora’s curious hands pulled at mom’s hair during the ceremony, it didn’t distract from the new union.

“I don’t think she really knew what was going on,” Mort said.

And even though the 2-year-old ended up falling asleep partway through the mass, Mort said she never tires of carrying her little girl.

“I am used to wearing her for extended amount of time,” she said. “I love wearing my daughter, so it just seemed normal for us.”