Bridger Walker, 6-Year-Old Mauled by Dog While Saving Younger Sister, Has Scars Reduced, Thanks to 2 Doctors

The dermatologists used new technology to help 6-year-old Bridger Walker's face recover faster.

The 6-year-old whose face was maimed after rescuing his younger sister from a dog attack is now nearly scar-free, thanks to two dermatologists who helped him through the process. They said it was the bravery of Wyoming boy Bridger Walker that inspired him to do all they could.

Bridger, from Cheyenne, was hailed a hero last summer when he suffered a serious bite to his cheek from German shepherd that originally had gone after his sister. He explained the dog was attacking his little sister when he stepped between the dog’s jaws and 4-year-old Brielle.

“Bridger said, 'I stepped in front so that Brielle couldn't get bit and I yelled for her to run,’ his dad Robert Walker told Inside Edition shortly after the attack. “And I said, 'Why'd you do that buddy?' and he says, 'Dad, if somebody had to die I'd rather it be me.' He meant it.”

Brielle escaped unharmed, but Bridger was left with a nasty gash in his face which needed 90 stitches.

After he was out of the woods, two dermatologists stepped in to help speed up his recovery.

Dr. Dhaval Bhanusal, who is based in New York, suggested using technology that could help reduce Bridger’s scarring in months instead of years, so he reached out to Dr. Cory Maughan, who is based in Utah and closer to Bridger’s family, and suggested they team up in his treatment.

Thanks to their care, Bridger saw tremendous improvement in his healing, and both Bhanusal and Maughan were named this year’s Patient Care Heroes by the American Academy of Dermatology.