Britney Spears Says 2008 Psychiatric Hold Was 'Premeditated' And 'Pure Abuse' in New Audio Recording

“I honestly deserve an award for acting like I was OK everyday. I thought they were trying to f*****g kill me,” the pop star said in a now-deleted audio recording.

Britney Spears is shedding new light about what she says led up to her 2008 psychiatric hold, along with claims her family abused while she was under conservatorship.

“They literally killed me. They threw me away,” the pop singer said in a 22-minute audio recording posted to YouTube

Spears says that right before she was hauled away in 2008, her mom, Lynne Spears, gave her a cryptic warning.

“She said, ‘We've heard people are coming here today to talk to you. We should probably go, you know, to a hotel or something,’” Spears said. “Then four hours later, there were over 200 paparazzi outside my house videotaping me through a window of an ambulance holding me down.”

Spears says the entire incident was a set up.

“I know now it was all premeditated, and a woman introduced the idea to my dad, then my mom actually helped him follow through and made it all happen. There was no drugs in my system, no alcohol, nothing. It was pure abuse,” Spears said.

In the years that followed, and throughout her conservatorship, Spears says she was constantly scared. 

In 2019, Spears announced her Las Vegas residency was canceled because her father’s health was failing. She now says that was all a lie.

“I went to one of the rehearsals and I said ‘no’ to a dance move. The next day, I was told that I had to be sent away to a facility, and I was supposed to say on my Instagram, the reason why is because my dad is sick and I need treatment,” Spears said.

As the “Free Britney” movement picked up steam, Spears says she can't believe her mom and sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, didn’t step up to help.

“I’m honestly more angry at my mom, because I heard when reporters would call her, she would go innocently hide in the house and she wouldn’t speak up. It was always like, ‘I don’t know what to say. I just don’t want to say the wrong thing. We’re praying for her,’” Spears said.

“I honestly deserve an award for acting like I was OK everyday. I thought they were trying to f*****g kill me,” the pop star continued.

The recording, which has since been taken down, clearly touched a nerve with Spears’ mother. Lynne Spears hit back saying she loves her daughter, but their issues should be talked about eye-to-eye by just the two of them in private.

Her father, Jamie Spears, has previously said that he has always acted in his daughter's best interest.

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