Britney Spears Tells Officer She Had to Use Bathroom After Getting Pulled Over by California Highway Patrol

“I’m so sorry, I had to tee-tee,” the pop star told the officer.

Pop star Britney Spears was pulled over for allegedly crossing lanes and then tried to get out of a ticket saying she had to go to the bathroom.

“I’m so sorry, I had to tee-tee. My house is right there. I’m so sorry,” Spears told the officer.

The California Highway Patrol officer can be heard on bodycam footage telling the singer that she cannot cross double yellow lines. 

The officer offered to block the sun from Spears’ face as he asked for her driver’s license. Spears told him the security at her house had her passport and driver’s license and pleaded with the officer to speed things up because she needed to use the bathroom.

It was not the first time the pop star was caught driving without her license.

Last month, the same officer pulled Spears over for allegedly speeding. She told the officer she did not have her license on her. In bodycam footage from that day, the officer says he pulled her over before for speeding as well, making a total of three run-ins.

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