Brittany Commisso, Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Accuser, Comes Forward, Details Groping Allegations

Until now, Brittany Commisso was known only as “executive assistant No. 1” to protect her identity.

More is being learned about Brittany Commisso, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s accuser who has alleged the governor groped her.

Commisso told CBS and The Times Union of Albany in what was her first televised interview that she was initially afraid to identify herself because she was worried about retribution from those connected to Cuomo.

“I was afraid that if I had to come forward and revealed my name, that the governor and his enablers, I like to call them, would viciously attack me, would smear my name, as I had seen and heard them do before to people,” Commisso said.

Until now, Commisso was known only as “executive assistant No. 1” to protect her identity.

Commisso, who is 32, has a 6-year-old daughter and is in divorce proceedings with her husband, who once ran for mayor of Albany, said Cuomo groped her twice.

She said the first incident occurred at the governor’s mansion on Dec. 31, 2019. She said Cuomo had suggested they take a selfie. “I then felt, while taking the selfie, his hand go down my back, onto my butt and he started rubbing it,” she said. "Not sliding it. Not, you know, quickly brushing over it — rubbing my butt.”

She said the second incident also occurred at the governor’s mansion, about 11 months later, in November 2020.

“He came back to me and that’s when he put his hand up my blouse and cupped my breast over my bra,” she said. “I exactly remember looking down, seeing his hand, which is a large hand, thinking to myself, ‘Oh, my God. This is happening.’”

Cuomo has repeatedly denied her claims.

“There is another complaint I want to address, from a woman in my office who said that I groped her in my home office. Let me be clear ... that never happened,” he said last week.

Cuomo’s personal attorney repeated that denial over the weekend, saying: “He did not grope her.”  and there was evidence that was provided by several individuals to the attorney general about potential motives for her to have made that claim.”

She also questioned the fairness of the attorney general’s report claiming it omitted evidence favorable to the governor.

Commisso has now taken her allegations to the sheriff’s office. She filed a formal report alleging criminal conduct against the governor.

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