Brother of Man Found Dead With Family at Burning New Jersey Mansion Would Never Have Hurt Him, Lawyer Says

Paul Caneiro has been charged with aggravated arson for allegedly setting his own home on fire.

The brother of Keith Caneiro, who together with his family, was found dead at their New Jersey mansion on Tuesday had nothing to do with their murders, his lawyer said. 

Paul Caneiro, 51, was charged with aggravated arson earlier this week for allegedly setting his own home, just miles away from his brother's Colts Neck home, on fire with his wife and two daughters inside. They were not injured.

Hours after that fire, Paul's brother, 50-year-old Keith, was discovered shot to death outside his home, while the severely burned bodies of his wife, Jennifer Caneiro, 45, and their two children were found inside. It's believed they were stabbed.

Speaking to CNN, attorney Robert Honecker insisted his client is innocent of both the charge for which he was arrested, as well as the deaths of his brother and his wife and children.

"My client maintains his innocence on this charge [aggravated arson] and any other potential charges," Honecker said. "His family fully support his defense of this charge.

"No evidence has been produced that suggests a reason why he would engage in such conduct. He fully expects to be vindicated when this case finally resolves."

Honecker went on to say in an interview with The New York Times that Paul loved Keith and "would not do his brother any harm,” adding that they were "best friends."

Prosecutors allege Paul set his home alight early Tuesday "by using gasoline," according to a criminal complaint. He reportedly told firefighters the flames were triggered by a gas leak. Neighbors said Paul appeared distraught as he watched the house burn.

Officials would neither confirm nor deny whether Paul is a suspect in his brother's family's murders. 

The two brothers worked together at a technology firm called Square One.

Paul has not yet appeared in court to enter a plea to the aggravated arson charge.