Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Messaged University of Idaho Victim Multiple Times Prior to Her Death: Report

Latah County Detention Center
Latah County Detention Center

People magazine reports that these messages were sent in the two weeks prior to the victim's death, and that Kohberger continued to send messages despite never getting a response from the victim.

Bryan Kohberger messaged a University of Idaho student multiple times in the weeks before she was murdered, reports People.

"He slid into one of the girls' DMs several times but she didn't respond," an investigator familiar with the case told People. "Basically, it was just him saying, 'Hey, how are you?' But he did it again and again." 

People reports that these messages were sent in the two weeks prior to the victim's death, and that Kohberger continued to send messages despite never getting a response from the victim.

The identity of the victim that Kohberger attempted to contact is not revealed in the report, but People does note that it was one of the three females.

What is not clear is whether the recipient even knew that Kohberger was trying to contact her on the social media platform.

"She may not have seen them, because they went into message requests," the investigator told People.  "We're still trying to determine how aware the victims were of his existence."

That source goes on to say that while Kohberger was "definitely persistent," there is "no indication that he was getting frustrated with [the victim's] lack of response."

Kohberger is now accused of murdering Madison Mogen, 21; Kaylee Goncalves, 21; Xana Kernodle, 20; and Ethan Chapin, 20.

Police arrested Kohberger last month after a six-week investigation.

Kohberger, 28, attended nearby Washington State University, where the criminology major was in the PhD program and worked as a teaching assistant. 

A woman who went on a Tinder date with Kohberger detailed his odd behavior in an interview with Inside Edition last week.

"I recognized him immediately. My heart just sank because I couldn't believe I was face-to-face with this guy," Hayley Willette told Inside Edition.

The two first went to a movie, but things took a bizarre turn when Kohberger insisted on walking his date back to her dorm room, according to Willette 

"It just gave me weird vibes, and I was kind of afraid to say no, so I just let him come in with me," recalled Willette.

Once in her dorm room, Willette said that Kohberger would not stop touching her in a manner that made her uncomfortable.

"He kept trying to tickle me, and I would ask him to stop or say, 'What are you doing?'" said Willette. "And he would be like, 'I'm not trying to tickle you,' and he would get very serious."

Willette finally grew so fed up with Kohberger's behavior that she hatched a plan to get him to leave.

"I proceeded to pretend to throw up in the bathroom, hoping to gross him out, and he would leave," Willette told Inside Edition's Ann Mercogliano.

The plan worked, and moments Kohberger texted Willette on Tinder to say he was heading home.

That was not the end of the night though, according to Willette, who said Kohberger texted an hour later and told her that she had "good birthing hips."

Kohberger is facing one count of burglary and four counts of first-degree murder. He is currently being held without bail at the Latah County Detention Center, with his next court experience scheduled for June.

He made his first appearance in an Idaho courtroom last week after being extradited from Pennsylvania, at which time he was advised of his rights and formally charged with four counts of murder in the first-degree and a felony burglary charge.

He could be facing life in prison or the death penalty if convicted of any of those murder charges.


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