Buckingham Palace Returns Lost Toy Monkey to Little Girl ⁠— Along With New Friend

When Harriet the toy monkey went missing, little Savannah Hart was devastated.

When Harriet the toy monkey went missing from her tiny human, Savannah, during a recent trip to Buckingham Palace, the 5-year-old Australian was devastated.

"She sneaked out of daddy's bag and she goes into the garden shed," Savannah, who takes Harriet on adventures all over the world, told APTN.

Savannah’s mom, Katie, painted the whole picture.

"She was taken out of daddy's bag to get some photos. The next day, we were on a tour bus and I just had the thought and said, 'Where is Harriet?'" Katie said.

After their trip back to Adelaide minus one, Savannah and some kindergarten friends decided to write a letter to Buckingham Palace. They asked Queen Elizabeth if she'd spotted Savannah’s beloved Harriet.

"We put in lots of photos of Harriet's adventures ... and all the children signed it and put it in an envelope and posted it off."

Much to their surprise, they got a response. 

The palace had, indeed, found Harriet and sent her home.

Now Harriet even has a new friend — a toy corgi named Rex, which the palace sent along so Harriet wouldn't get lonely on her trip home.