Bumbling Porch Pirate Can't Fit Stolen TV in His Car

The thief desperately tries to squeeze the oversized package into his car.

A porch pirate made off with a 65-inch 4K TV from a Maryland home — but it was far from a quick getaway.

The incident, which reportedly unfolded the week after Thanksgiving in Fort Washington, was recorded on home surveillance cameras. 

When the thief ran off with the package, the box obscured his view, causing him to trip on the front lawn of the home before he could get to his car at the end of the driveway. He struggled to get the box back up off the ground but eventually made it to his vehicle. 

But his problems were just beginning: When he tried to put the massive TV in the backseat of his car, it wouldn't fit. Instead, he attempted to cram it into the trunk, but that failed too.

Eventually, he squeezed it in the back seat. Unable to shut the door, he left it hanging out the side of the car and sped off.