Suspected Porch Pirate Grabs Box, Finds It Full of Worms

The homeowner said she laughed when she saw the person walking away with the box.

A suspected Florida porch pirate was caught in the act swiping a package, but what the suspect might have thought was a great score turned out to be worms.

Homeowner Shelly Draves said the package was filled with 500 so-called superworms, which she had planned to feed to her pet bearded dragon.

Draves said she watched the incident on her home security camera. There, she saw a blonde woman in sunglasses walk up to the front door where the box was, put a blue shirt over the item and casually walk away to a minivan idling by the front of the house

She said she laughed when she saw the suspect run away with her box.  

“I just laughed at first, after I was like, ‘What?’ because I knew exactly what was in there,” she told Inside Edition. “The early bird got the worm.” 

The suspect tossed the package out of the window after discovering its contents, police said.