Lone Firefighter Braves Smoke, Flames to Save Woman's Home

Courtney McClain watched the drama unfold via her home security camera.

A California woman who watched on a surveillance app as a firefighter saved her home during the recent wildfires is now thanking the hero in person. 

Courtney McClain was evacuated as the fire drew near her home in Oak Park, California, recently. While she was away from home following the evacuation, she was able to watch on a home security camera as a firefighter fought to fireproof her home.

"He is just my hero running in to save my house," McClain told Inside Edition. 

"I was just like, ‘Thank you, thank you!’ I was just so grateful," she added about watching the footage.

The home is still standing thanks to the efforts of that lone firefighter despite so much devastation in the neighborhood. 

After the blaze passed, McClain was determined to track the man down to personally thank him.

She posted the heart-stopping video online of the rescuer and within a week she had identified him as Capt. Jason May of the Redondo Beach Fire Department.

Her wish came true as she got to thank him in person, and Inside Edition was there as she reached out to him on FaceTime Tuesday afternoon to further express her gratitude. 

"You’re such a gracious and nice family. You make what we do and all the sacrifices that have been made, puts a real value on that to us," he told her.