Rescuer Crafts Small Ladder for Hamster to Escape From Water Pipe


The hamster is now doing well.

The RSPCA came up with a rather unique way to save a tiny hamster that became trapped in a water pipe. 

Jamie the hamster escaped from his cage in England, but thankfully an animal welfare officer, Alison Sparkes, came up with a creative way to save him – a tiny ladder.

“Jamie was being looking after by a friend of his owner when he escaped and went down a 10 centimeter-wide [nearly 4 inches] pipe that housed the water pipes,” Sparkes said in a press release. “This vertical pipe was 1 meter deep.”

Sparkes said it was impossible to see down the pipe due to its width. First, officials tried to drop a rope down to Jamie, but after six days, he still hadn’t grasped it. 

“We knew he was OK as they’d been dropping food down and could hear him eating,” Sparkes said. 

But she couldn't leave him down there. So Sparkes went home and crafted a small ladder made out of old wire mesh for Jamie to climb, and it worked!

“That evening he emerged. Very thirsty, but OK,” she said. 

He is now doing well.