Burglar Breaks Into Instagram Model’s Home and Maces Her Dog During Robbery

Liziane Gutierrez tells Inside Edition the burglars took $50,000 worth of jewelry and handbags.

Burglars broke into an Instagram model’s home and one of them maced a small dog during the robbery.

Liziane Gutierrez says she was at the gym when burglars broke into her Las Vegas home. She tells Inside Edition that’s when one of the intruders maced Duchess, her nine-pound Maltese dog.

“How are you gonna spray a little dog,” Gutierrez says. “If you see the footage, she was trying to play with them”

Security footage shows the burglars caring loot wrapped in a sheet being brought out of the home. The model says they took jewelry and handbags worth $50,000.

Gutierrez says the thieves probably knew about her valuables from her Instagram posts.

“It’s like a lesson for me right now because I’m gonna post like way less than I used to post,” Gutierrez says.

Gutierrez is an Instagram model with more than a million followers and travels all over the world with Duchess.

The dog is still suffering from breathing issues.

“We hope that she can recover a hundred percent,” Gutierrez says.

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