Businessman Hailed a Hero for Saving 'Shaking' Children From New Jersey Fire

Local business owner Tony Nehmi was one of the good Samaritans who jumped into action as the fire engulfed an Edgewater, N.J., building.

A New Jersey businessman has been celebrated as one of the heroes who got young dance students out of their burning New Jersey studio and to safety Monday.

"They were scared. They were shaking," Tony Nehmi told Inside Edition. 

Nehmi was one of several people who rushed over to help as flames engulfed the Edgewater building. 

As the drama unfolded, rescuers spotted two girls who were trapped and screaming for help at a window. They were forced to jump from a balcony to escape. 

Nehmi, a cop and other good Samaritans scrambled up onto the roof, hauled up a ladder and used it to smash the window. 

The girls then climbed out to safety.

The seven students who were in the studio are safe following the incident

Maureen Straub, who owns the dance studio, was resilient as she spoke to reporters Tuesday.

"Yesterday was a dark day, but we are show people and the show must go on," she said. 

The building where the fire occurred housed a car wash and restaurant on the ground floor, the dance school was on the second floor.

Edgewater Mayor Michael McPartland happened to be nearby when the horrific fire broke out.

"You could hear the screams from around the block," he said. 

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.