Children Rescued From Fast-Moving Fire in New Jersey

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Children were saved from a fast-moving New Jersey fire in a stunning rescue that was caught on video Monday.

The video shows people screaming for help from a balcony being lapped by flames. 

Before desperate bystanders could get ladders to them, residents can be seen dropping down from above.

The ladders fell in the chaos, and eventually the occupants above began to drop and frantically jump down to escape the flames.

However, rescuers soon realized there were children trapped in a second-floor dance studio, according to CBS New York.

Edgewater Police Sgt. James Dalton and bystander Tony Nehmi reportedly climbed a ladder in a bid to save the children, who were "Crying, screaming. It was horrible," Nehmi said.

The men smashed a window to get to the girls, who made it to safety. Miraculously, they were the last people in the building and only minor injuries were reported.


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