Buster Murdaugh Files Police Report Alleging Media Harassment, Randy Murdaugh Not Sure of Brother's Guilt

Buster Murdaugh
Buster Murdaugh, left, and his girlfriend Brooklyn White, right, were a constant presence at his father's murder trial.Getty

Buster Murdaugh, the sole surviving son of Alex Murdaugh, claims the media is following and harassing him after his father was convicted of murdering his mother and his brother.

Buster Murdaugh, the sole surviving son of Alex Murdaugh, has filed a police complaint claiming media harassment in the days following his father's conviction for murdering his mother and brother.

According to a report filed by the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office in South Carolina, Murdaugh called deputies Sunday to complain that a photograph published in the New York Post showed him inside his Hilton Head home.

Murdaugh said he and his girlfriend, Brookylnn White, had reviewed video taken by their Ring camera that showed a suspicious gray Dodge Challenger outside their home around 6:39 p.m. the day before. 

"Buster believes the occupant of this vehicle took the photo, judging on Buster's position in the residence when the photo was captured," the report said.

White phoned deputies over another incident, in which she said she and Buster were being followed by "the media" in a gray SUV, the report said. A deputy stopped the van for speeding and making an improper lane change and noticed a camera bag in the passenger seat, according to the report. The driver was given a warning and released.

Murdaugh, 26, was the first to take the stand in his father's defense. He sat behind his dad throughout the elder Murdaugh's trial for the murders of his wife, Maggie, 52, and his youngest son, Paul, 22.

Buster testified his father could barely talk after the killings.

"His demeanor was destroyed, he was heartbroken," Buster Murdaugh the court on Feb. 21. "I walked in the door and saw him and gave him a hug and just broke down."

His father was convicted last week of the double murders and sentenced to life in prison. Alex Murdaugh's attorneys said they would appeal the verdicts.

Surviving family members said they are struggling in the aftermath of the highly publicized trial.

Randy Murdaugh, the brother of Alex Murdaugh, said he has struggled daily to understand the shooting deaths of his sister-in-law and nephew, which occurred 20 months ago.

In an interview with The New York Times, Randy Murdaugh said he doesn't know if his brother is truly guilty. He believes his brother is a serial liar, he said. But he said he finds it impossible to picture Alex as the cold-blood killer depicted by the prosecution.

“He knows more than what he’s saying,” Randy said. “He’s not telling the truth, in my opinion, about everything there.”

But that does little to soothe his mind, he said.

“I hoped that after the trial, because there’s nothing more that can be presented, that I’d stop thinking about this,” he told The Times. “But so far, that has not been the case.

“The not knowing,” Randy said, “is the worst thing there is.”

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