California Deputies Seen Rushing to Save Infant Who Had Stopped Breathing

It was a life or death situation for the 9-month-old.

It was a life-or-death race against the clock as California cops rushed a stricken 9-month-old boy to the hospital.

One of the Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies was seen running toward the hospital Monday night while clutching the infant.

It all started when Deputy Tyler Milton pulled over a car driving erratically in Lakewood and the driver emerged with the child, saying he wasn't breathing, according to authorities. 

Milton called for assistance, and that's when Deputy Alyssa Farrington arrived. She drove Milton, the infant and the mom to the hospital, police reported. 

Milton performed CPR on the child while on the way to Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. 

Once they arrived at the hospital, Milton was so desperate to save the child that he rushed into the emergency room with his radio dangling by his side.

The baby was later listed in stable condition at the hospital and expected to be OK.

It is not yet known what caused the baby to stop breathing.