Suspect Fist Bumps Pedestrian During California Police Chase

He was eventually arrested.

A rather slow police chase took place in California on Wednesday, so slow that the suspect had the opportunity to stop and fist bump a pedestrian during the chase, which went on for more than an hour. 

"We just saw them back and forth," one witness told ABC7. "Everybody was throwing him waters. They was giving him stuff and supporting him."

The driver of a white pickup truck drove around Los Angeles for more than an hour as onlookers captured cellphone video of the relaxed chase.  

It all started after he backed into a police car during a traffic stop and fled.

Los Angeles police officers attempted to stop him with spike strips on the road to no avail. 

He was already wanted for assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer. 

The suspect was eventually arrested. 

Police believe he was driving under the influence at the time.