Camera Hog! Newborn Red River Hog Makes Debut at Houston Zoo

The baby is already exploring, just nine days after being born.

An adorable baby red river hog made his first appearance at the Houston Zoo on April 18 and he is anything but camera-shy.

According to the zoo, first-time mother, Vidalia, gave birth to her son on April 9. The hoglet is yet to be named.

Footage shows the newborn exploring and sniffing his surroundings, running around and playing with the other hogs in its enclosure.

The baby, with orange and black markings, is seen learning to climb, with the boost of another hog, and is spotted curiously weaving between legs of his new family members.

The zoo says the red river hogs share their environment with two troops of western lowland gorillas.

“Though gorillas and red river hogs share the same forest lands in Africa, this is truly a unique experience as you won’t see them together in a shared habitat in any other zoo,” the zoo said in a press release.

The hoglet is another addition to the five other red river hogs in the habitat which include his mother, two other adult hogs — Neptune and Luna — and two females who are both almost one, Artemis and Ophelia.

"The Houston Zoo is protecting red river hogs in the wild by providing funding for wildlife-saving education programs in the area the hogs live in Africa," the release said. “The education programs guide local people to protecting red river hogs and other local animals in the wild.”