Cases of the Common Cold Are Up as Many Ditch Their Masks for 1st Time in More Than a Year

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that mask-wearing could be seasonal after the pandemic is over.

Though many are happy to be able to ditch their face masks, there does appear to be a downside: the common cold is back. 

Those not wearing a face mask may be more susceptible to more germs entering their bodies through their nose and mouth.

On social media, people are reporting an explosion of sore throats and the common cold after a year of wearing masks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Masks not only give protection from coronavirus but other germs as well. Cases of the regular seasonal flu have plummeted from 38 million cases in 2019 to just over 2,000 in 2020, according to the CDC.

Health experts say school closures and working from home were a large factor in lowering the ability of people catching the flu, WRAL reported.

Some with cold symptoms are concerned they might have COVID-19.

Dr. Janette Nesheiwat of CityMD told Inside Edition that with COVID, patients will experience high fever, body aches, chest pain, and trouble breathing whereas with the common cold, patients will experience sore throat, runny nose, and coughing and generally goes away after a few days with over the counter medications.

Experts say to still practice good hygiene like hand washing, social distancing, being careful in crowds and wearing masks.

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