Caught on Camera: The Wildest Winter Rescues and Accidents

Winter can be a dangerous time for humans and animals alike.

Rescues don’t stop just because it’s cold outside. 

An Illinois fire department rescued an 11-year-old who was stuck into a frozen pond just outside of Chicago.

Video of the rescue showed a firefighters swimming to the boy as they pulled him out of the pond with a floating device.

In another incident in New Jersey, a golden retriever was rescued after he fell through the ice on a river. The dog was barely able to keep its head above water while wading in the water.

Divers rushed into save the cold animal in a moment caught on tape. 

Thankfully, rescuers were able to pull the dog out unharmed.

It’s not only frozen water causing problems this winter though. In Utah, several cars slid on a snowy, canyon roads during a winter storm.

Check out the video above for more.