'Chance the Snapper' Finds New Home in Florida


He even got a welcome banner and a pizza.

"Chance the Snapper," the alligator that hid out in a Chicago park and evaded authorities for a week, has found his new home in Florida.

After being wrangled in Chicago's Humboldt Park on July 16, the 5-foot gator was taken to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, the center said in a Facebook post Friday.

"We are doing everything we can to make Chance the Snapper feel at home. He has a welcome banner, we are playing Chicago music, and we even got him a pizza," the park wrote.

Belovedly named after Chicago rapper Chance the Rapper, the 40-pound alligator was first spotted in Humboldt Park on July 9, when a photographer working a birthday party took a photo of him. Then, he became a local attraction.   

"Chance the Snapper" evaded capture for days before a wrangler from Florida was called in to finish the job. Frank Robb said that "Chance" was the first gator he ever caught outside of Florida, and it was his first time to Chicago, Illinois. 

The entire park had to be closed so Robb could get to the gator, snag him with a hook and reelhim in. He said the animal was not hurt. 

It's believed the alligator was a pet that grew too big for his owners and was released into the park.