Meet Chance the Snapper, Chicago's Beloved Alligator

He was just captured after evading animal control for a week in a Chicago park.

Meet Chance the Snapper, the alligator that captured the nation’s attention for the last seven days.

Belovedly named after Chicago rapper Chance the Rapper, the gator is 5 feet, 4 inches long and weighs about 40 pounds. He was first spotted in Chicago's Humboldt Park on July 9, when a photographer working a birthday party took a photo of him. Then, he became a local attraction.   

Chance the Snapper evaded capture for days. Then authorities called in Frank Robb, an alligator wrangler from Florida. He spoke at a press conference Tuesday and said that Chance was the first gator he ever caught outside of Florida, and it was his first time to Chicago, Illinois. 

The entire park was closed so Robb could get to the gator. 

"We needed quiet, we needed the entire place shut down for a while and to let the animal relax, so he would give us the opportunity" Robb said at the press conference. 

Early Tuesday, Robb snagged him with a hook and reeled him in. He said the animal was not hurt. 

"Once we were able to see him, it was a one cast and the hook does not penetrate its skin," he added. 

It's believed the alligator was a pet that grew too big for his owners and was released into the park. 

Inside Edition found alligators for sale online, costing between $150 and $550. However, some states ban people from owning alligators, and some states require a permit. In Illinois, it is illegal to own an alligator of any size.