Florida Man Is Arrested After Befriending Gator in His Backyard and Feeding It

He named the beast Hank.

You know what happens if you give a dog a bone, but what if you give a gator a bagel?

Paul Fortin of Daytona Beach said Hank, the 10-foot alligator that lives in his backyard, is his good friend.

Hank has been living in Fortin’s backyard for three years, and Fortin said he didn’t think twice when he uploaded a video of himself feeding Hank a bagel on Facebook.

Turns out, that was enough to send cops knocking on Fortin’s door.

Police showed up at Fortin’s house to issue him a citation after the video surfaced.

Fortin was placed under arrest after refusing to sign the citation, but he thankfully lived to tell the tale of what happened when he gave his gator a bagel.