Chris Cuomo Is Still Fighting Lingering COVID-19 Effects 3 Months After Diagnosis

Chris Cuomo
Getty Images

CNN's Chris Cuomo has revealed he's still suffering from the lingering effects of COVID-19 more than three months after he was first stricken.

"I've got brain fog that won't go away," Cuomo said. "I've got an onset of clinical depression, which is not sadness, but it is depression. I never had it before. I have it now. I can't recover from workouts the way I did before."

Cuomo's guest, Lauren Mandel, said she and her family were diagnosed in April. They are now negative, but like Cuomo, they still haven't gotten over the virus.

"I'm on two sets of inhalers, starting a pulmonologist next week," Mandel said. "The 17-year-old still does not have his taste or smell back and my husband still has trouble breathing and still gets tingling randomly throughout his body for no reason."

A new study now suggests that once you get COVID-19, you can get it again, because in some instances the antibodies that fight off the virus appear to rapidly diminish after just a few weeks.

The study comes as drug companies Moderna and AstraZeneca announce promising news about the development of two vaccines.


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