Christopher Bidzinski Arrested for DUI After Trying to Do a Cartwheel During Sobriety Test

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A Florida man has been charged with driving under the influence after he allegedly attempted a cartwheel during a sobriety test, police said.

Christopher Bidzinski, 30, was allegedly found "passed out" behind the wheel of his green pick-up truck after he placed an order at a local McDonald’s drive-thru around 11:15 p.m. on Jan. 23, police said.

Cape Coral police who were called to the scene said they spotted Bidzinski slightly slumped over in the driver’s seat, eating the food he ordered and unaware that a cop was standing by his car.

When Bidzinski eventually realized a police officer was trying to speak with him through his open window, “he jumped because he was startled,” Cape Coral police said in a probable cause statement.

Police said they asked Bidzinski to exit the truck and when he stepped out, he allegedly had to immediately grab the vehicle to keep his balance.

Bidzinski allegedly told police he had been drinking Chardonnay and asked to be arrested, saying: “Just take me to jail.”

Officers said they found an unopened bottle of wine in Bidzinski’s truck.

When asked to participate in “SFSEs,” or standardized field sobriety evaluations, Bidzinski allegedly said he would take the test but “I’m not going to f***** pass though,” cops said.

During the sobriety test, Bidzinski allegedly told police to “watch this” before attempting to do a cartwheel.

Body camera footage of the incident shows Bidzinski go down on both hands and attempt to complete the acrobatic move before falling to the ground.

After several more failed attempts to complete the sobriety test, Bidzinski allegedly refused to do a breath test, telling an officer to “piss off,” officials said.

Bidzinski was charged with DUI. He has not yet entered a plea to the charge. 

Police reportedly said they recognized Bidzinksi from an incident the previous night where they had to take him home.


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