College Student Pleads Guilty to Involvement in January Capitol Riot

Person sitting on sidewalk across from the capitol and the fence around itPerson sitting on sidewalk across from the capitol and the fence around it
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A former University of Kentucky student was seen on camera carrying a "members only" sign during the January 6 riot, and has pleaded guilty for her involvement.

A college student has pleaded guilty for her role in the January riot in the US Capitol. 

Gracyn Courtright, 23, pleaded guilty to illegally entering and remaining in a restricted building on January 6. Courtright was seen on camera carrying a congressional “members only” sign. 

Prosecutors say she told an associate that "idk what treason is," and posted a mirror selfie on Instagram captioned, "Infamy is just as good as fame. Either way I end up more known. XOXO." Courtright is one of several rioters that did not vote in the 2020 election, according to CNN.

Soon after the riot, Courtright withdrew from the University of Kentucky, and in December, she will meet with one of the college’s boards to decide if she can return, according to the national outlet.

Initially, District Judge Christopher Cooper scheduled Courtright to be sentenced at an in-person hearing in Washington, DC. This plan is subject to change because the young woman and her family have not received the COVID-19 vaccine, according to CNN.

More than 590 people who are being investigated in relation to the riot on January 6 have been charged, and 46 have pleaded guilty.

Prosecutors have cut deals with others who did not cause any destruction inside the building, and Courtright agreed to a similar one, including paying $500 in restitution for damage done to the Capitol during the riot as a part of her deal. She could face up to six months in prison, but could potentially serve no jail time at all, according to the outlet.


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