Congressman Urges Government to Hold Public Hearings on UFO Sightings

UFO in the EifelUFO in the Eifel
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Democratic Congressman André Carson said on "Face the Nation" that the UFO or "UAP" sightings that the Pentagon has confirmed should be further examined as, he said, they pose a risk to national safety.

Democratic Congressman André Carson of Indiana said that he hopes to have public hearings in regards to UFO sightings.

Carson, chair of the House Intelligence Committee’s counterintelligence and counterproliferation subcommittee, said in a recent interview with “Face of the Nation” he wants these hearings to occur in the “very near future.”

A recent report was released from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence responding to instances of "unidentified aerial phenomena" or UAP sightings, but was largely inconclusive. 

Carson said in the interview that these unidentified objects pose a risk, especially considering that many of the sightings have been near military zones.

"We don't want our adversaries to have, one, a technological advance over us in terms of what they can do with their capabilities," he said.

The Congressman questions the origin of the objects, saying that a wide range of potential explanations should be taken into effect. “...we still can't rule out that 2-6% that could be something we can't explain, maybe even otherworldly." he said.

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