Connecticut Man Wins $1 Million From Lottery Ticket He Forgot About in His Wallet

He had purchased the ticket four months before he remembered it.

A Connecticut man was cleaning out his wallet when he found a Powerball ticket worth $1 million.

Redding Resident Charles Dudley bought the ticket four months ago in May but he said he forgot about it.

When he emptied his wallet this week, he discovered the ticket among his receipts. It was 23 days from expiring.

"I checked the winning numbers on the lottery's website and couldn't believe it,” Dudley said.

“I checked it over and over. The numbers were a match. It didn't feel real, though, until I checked the location of where the ticket was sold. It was where I bought my ticket.”

Dudley's ticket matched the first five numbers from the drawing, 5-14-31-40-50. He missed the Powerball number, 6.