Cop Stuns Crowd When He Starts Drumming With High School Band

On a dare from a student, Corporal Les Munn of the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department wound up drumming with the band.

Class was out, but he still schooled them.

On a dare from a student, Cpl. Les Munn of the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department wound up drumming in the middle of the Arkansas High School band.

He was there, like he usually is, to patrol the football game.

"A couple of the band members were bringing their equipment up into the stands and one of them was talking about how heavy it was and ... how I should carry it up there for her," Munn told "I said OK and she made a comment about, 'Well, you come up in the stands, we'll show you how to play this stuff.' I said, 'OK, I'll take you up on that.'" 

The last time he jammed with a high school band was 23 years ago when he was in high school in another part of the state, but even then, his band played a lot of the same songs.

Not having played in so long, he got a little stage fright but it was too late: He had already committed to the dare.

“I was nervous, it had been a long time since I'd played so I didn't want to let them down and [I was] hoping my skills were gonna hold up,” he said.

Not missing a beat, Munn wowed both kids and parents.

"I think I've seen more big eyes and big smiles than I've seen from a lot of people in a long time," he said. "It was a lot of fun to do. The kids got a kick out of it because they're not used to seeing someone in uniform come up there being that light. So it kind of took the uniform off for a second and let everybody know, hey, we're just people too."

Munn was such a big hit, the band leader has asked him back to perform again next season.