Musicians Make Beautiful Music Together, on Instruments Made From Ice

Ice is very commonly used to make sculptures in the Russian town.

A group of musicians from Norway have performed a concert using musical instruments made entirely of ice.

The instruments were made from frozen water taken from a Russian lake, which gives the instruments a clear and distinctive sound, according to local musicians.

The concert was inspired and led by Norwegian drummer Terje Isungset, who has been experimenting with "cold" music for about 20 years and has released seven albums.

“Originally I'm a drummer and a jazz musician, so I'm familiar with improvisation, of course, but there are also melodies (previously composed) and some are related to folk music because we use some of the scales from that,” Isungset said.

Given the low temperatures in northern Russia in winter, ice is widely used in the area for creating art sculptures to attract tourists and local visitors.

This year, Kirovsk's stadium was turned into an ice sculpture festival venue.

The festival has proved very popular with visitors, organizers said.