Cop 'Surprised' by 'Entertaining' Footage of Alleged Thief Playing With Dog Before Stealing Owner's E-Bike

“Your dad should learn not to leave your garage open,” the alleged burglar said to the dog.

Home surveillance footage captured the moment police say an alleged thief started playing with a homeowner's golden retriever.

The dog was seen on camera approaching the stranger and licking him. Enchanted, the intruder stayed and played with the dog and gave it belly rubs.

“Your dad should learn not to leave your garage open,” the man says to the dog, footage shows.

The man then allegedly left the garage with a $1,300 e-bike, authorities said. 

Police are asking for help to find the suspect.

“I was surprised,” Lt. Bryan Brecht of the San Diego Police Department tells Inside Edition. “It was a very unique situation, entertaining at points. Never seen anything like that in my career.”

Inside Edition previously reported about whether dogs will protect their owners if a home invader breaks in. Guard dog experts Nate Bonilla and Michael D’Abruzzo aided in the investigation.

Dog owner Michelle Kelleher pretended she was being attacked in her home when a so-called "burglar" broke in.

Her dog, Perry, headed straight to the door.

“This is called flight. Her tail is tucked, she’s looking for a way out,” D’Abruzzo said at the time.

Kelleher said she was surprised her dog took off.

On the other hand, Eileen Ikamp’s two dogs Frodo and Dobby came to her rescue.

When the phony burglar entered the home, the two dogs entered the room. Frodo even jumped on the fake intruder.

“They did amazing. He goes right in between, puts himself in the line of fire and then continues to drive them out,” D’Abruzzo said.

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