Cops Give Doughnuts to the Homeless After Finding Stolen Krispy Kreme Van

Clearwater Police Department
Clearwater Police Department

Of course, they also enjoyed some for themselves.

A Florida police department went beyond the call of duty when they helped the homeless while also working to solve a crime.

It all started when a Krispy Kreme delivery van was stolen from Lake City Tuesday. Clearwater police found it later that day.

Inside the vehicle were dozens of doughnuts, which the store manager gave to the officers, the department said.

While the officers saved some of the tasty treats for themselves, they donated the rest to a program next to their station that's dedicated to feeding the homeless.

"This was just a way to help some of those people who were in need, and to make sure all of those doughnuts didn’t go to waste," Clearwater police spokesman Rob Shaw told ABC News.