Cops Pull Out Ballistic Gear in an Epic Snowball Fight in Washington Park

Duvall police officers were responding to some "suspicious characters" at the park on a snow day.

It’s not every day these Washington cops pull out their ballistic shields, but they needed the best equipment possible to arm themselves in an epic snowball fight.

Officers from the Duvall Police Department rushed to a local park when they heard of some “suspicious characters” hanging around, they told

“We show up and we see there’s a bunch of them, so we’re like, could be kind of a tough situation,” said Officer Brandon Rhodes. “So we decided to grab our ballistic shields and call in a couple reinforcements.”

Rhodes said their suspicions were confirmed when they arrived and saw the persons of interests with their hands behind their backs, concealing snowballs from the officers.

“They all start throwing snowballs at us,” Rhodes said. “We can’t let them throw snowballs at us, so we throw snowballs back, and then they just have too many snowballs.”

Unfortunately, not all the officers made it out in one piece.

“We retreated, tactically, and kind of left one of our partners behind, which was kind of sad,” Rhodes said. “We felt bad, but he was on his own.”

He said even though his officers lost the snowball fight badly, the entire event was all in good fun, with the hopes of connecting with their community and enjoying a rare snow day in their town.

“Most people weren’t able to go in to work, so we had a lot of people walking around, sledding down some of the streets and stuff,” he said. “As long as everyone’s being safe, we’d like everyone to have a little bit of fun and we like to have fun sometimes too.”