Cops Surprise Wisconsin Family With Ice Cream After They Arrested Delivery Driver

ice Cream
Facebook / Fox Valley Metro Police

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" cops wrote on Facebook after the delivery.

Talk about fast food and service with a smile!

Cops in Wisconsin surprised one family by bringing them ice cream not for being outstanding citizens, but because authorities busted the delivery driver who was supposed to bring the goods, officials said.

Fox Valley Metro Police posted on social media that they arrested the driver as he was making the delivery on Monday. They did not say what the driver was arrested over.

After making the arrest, the police decided to not let good ice cream go to waste. 

While still frozen, the cops brought it to the customers' doorstep and snapped some photos with the surprised recipients.

"Unfortunately, we had to take an online food delivery service driver into custody today. That means someone came dangerously close to not getting their ice cream delivery order," police said in the post.

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