Couple Gets Married in Delta Air Lines-Themed Wedding After Doing 'Mileage Run' Together

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Love is in the air for this couple, who insisted on getting married in a Delta-themed wedding ceremony.

“What other airline would we choose?” Jeremy Simons of Memphis, Tenn., joked in an interview with “We’re both very obsessed with Delta so it’s kind of a natural fit."

Simons and his bride, Bess Wohlner, held luggage during their procession and used the same little plastic cups that Delta uses for beverages during their February wedding.

“I think there’s a big correlation between silliness and happiness,” Wohlner said. “I think that’s something that’s at the core of who we are as people and as a couple.”

They even changed into Delta-branded pajamas for their last dance, and had a Delta representative stationed at their wedding, ready to answer any questions.

The pair explained that they were inspired to throw a Delta-themed wedding after a "mileage run" they both took part in that led them to begin dating.

They were best friends who met in rabbinical school nearly a decade ago. But in 2016, following a period where they had been out of touch, Simons reached out and suggested that they take a 23-hour trip together around the country’s airports — hitting Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Miami and Atlanta without exiting the terminal — all in an effort to rack up Delta SkyMiles.

Not only did Wohlner accept the outlandish invitation, but she one-upped him, suggesting they do the entire route twice in a row, making their trip just over 47 hours long.

"Never left the airport, never showered, didn’t have any luggage,” Simons explained. “I thought, 'Well, now I have to marry her one day.'"

After a few more missed connections, they reunited again on a Delta flight to Israel and soon began dating. 

When they became engaged, they decided it would be fun to throw a Delta-inspired element into the wedding, thanks to the many times the airline brought them together — and the idea quickly snowballed.

They teamed up with a friend-of-a-friend working for Delta, who took their idea of a Delta-themed cocktail hour to a full Delta-themed wedding. He even went so far as to ship discontinued Delta supplies from a closed airport hub to their wedding, 24 hours before the ceremony.

"What we found is people are really excited to do weird stuff for someone else's wedding," Simons joked. "We were in the position to be like, 'No, no, that might be a bit much.'"

They said that after their themed wedding was such a success, they pair now dream of reaching Diamond Medallion Status, or becoming a feature on Sky Magazine.

"I could be in the very back of Sky Magazine, like with all the ads, I don’t care," Simon said.


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