Couple Kidnapped, Bound and Beaten While Scouting Wedding Venues in Mexico

Jennifer and Frank Massabki were scouting out venues for a destination wedding when they were kidnapped and held at gunpoint.

A Florida couple scouting wedding locations in Mexico ended up being kidnapped and brutally beaten.

Shortly after getting engaged, Jennifer and Frank Massabki traveled to Mexico City in May 2017 and had been driving for about an hour when they were suddenly ambushed.

"We were in the center lane ... We get hit from behind," Frank recalled in an interview with Inside Edition.

When he got out of the car to inspect the damage, he said several men ran towards him.

"I see a gun, and they pick me up [and put me] on the back of the car," he said. "They're just on top of me and I feel a gun go to my head."

Jennifer watched in horror.

"They had him at gunpoint and they're saying, 'We're gonna kill you,'" she recalled. "Any time he spoke they would push him or hit him with the gun, hit him upside the head with the gun."

The couple was thrown into the backseat of their rental car. They were driven to a remote location where they were told they would be held for ransom.

"I was wearing sneakers," Frank said. "They took a shoelace off one of the sneakers and with the shoelace they bound my hands in front of me."

Jennifer said they tried to sexually assault her three different times.

"They tried," she said. "But I fought them off."

At one point, the assailants broke her nose when she tried to grab a gun.

"I'm wrestling the two guys for the gun, my hand is like cement on it," she said. "Finally, one of the guys punched me in the face and they got control of the gun back."

Miraculously, the couple managed to escape, making a run for it. A photo taken at a local police station shows Jennifer bloodied and bruised.

After their ordeal, they decided to get married at home in Miami.