Couple Marries at Same Dunkin' Drive-Thru Where They Met 3 Years Ago

John Thompson and Sugar Good-Thompson met at a Dunkin' drive-thru three years ago. They got married at the same window where they first mt

It was love at first bite for this couple who wound up exchanging vows at the same Dunkin' drive-thru widow they met three years ago. As a general manager of the beloved coffee spot, Sugar took hundreds of people's orders daily –– but no one caught her attention quite like John did when he drove up to her window in his red truck for the first time years ago.

"I could never forget his smile. I always noticed it," Sugar Good-Thompson told CNN. "He has dimples and when he smiles, his eyes sparkle."

John had been going to the same Dunkin' in Oklahoma City for years, but when he saw Sugar for the first time, he, too, was mesmerized. 

"I always noticed her eyes, no matter where she was at in the store, I could always see her looking back at me," he told the outlet. "Still, I just didn't get the hint that she liked me but I did everything I could to find out her name."

Little did John know, that Sugar had his order down by heart: A large hot coffee with cream and sugar and a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich.

After nearly a year, John finally decided he would ask for her number. Sugar, however, was quicker to the punch. They played mini-golf on their first date over two years ago. John eventually proposed to her –– in the Dunkin' parking lot –– and after a seven-month engagement, the two tied the knot on Oct. 13 at the same drive-thru window they met years before. 

"I am so thankful for everything Dunkin’ has given me–– from my job to lifelong friends, and now, my husband,” said Sugar Good-Thompson. “When John and I were planning our big day, we decided there was no better place to say 'I do' than right where we met."

Their entire wedding was Dunkin' themed –– adorned with a doughnut bouquet, custom photo doughnuts, and piles of sweets. In celebration, the store gave free maple glazed doughnuts to its customers –– the couple's favorite flavor. Customers apparently returned later in the day to witness the ceremony, John said.

They said they both knew they were the loves of each others' lives.

"I wake up everyday next to her and I'm just thankful. She still gives me butterflies. We're always talking to each other and writing each other sweet notes everywhere. She's my coffee girl," he added.

"And you'll always be my guy in the red truck," Sugar said.


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